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Back in 2013 when I was living in london, I saw a woman at oxford circus wearing a huge white shopper with a black flower designed on it. With the other hand she carried a tiny YSL bag which is only big enough to fit a phone , keys, and some cards. The rest of her stuff were in the other bag.  I fell in love with the idea of carrying a shopper around as it is function extends beyond carrying grocery but could be used to carry your personal items.
From that moment, after visiting every museum, exhibition or design shop, I was buying a shopper to add it to my collection and I started to wear them with big and small bags . It became a fundamental element that I carry around wherever I go.


During the tough quarantine time I didn’t have any more canvases to paint on so I decided to order some shopping bags and it was exactly in that moment that my idea came up: create my mini-paintings to be wearable. In this way, the shopping bags would become pieces of art!
 Who knows my art, knows as well that my paintings speak about emotions, emotions that  are always  with us and that are part of our being human.


The Pret -à -PortART bags are now available, ready to be worn and to follow you in your daily life. 
 Thanks to C. that with names is a genius and to all the people that are always supporting me in my creativity.
Love you all!