Inner Child Collection

We’ve been children before becoming adults and we’ll not stop to grow and evolve.

Our innerchild however stays innocent and vulnerable and continues to seek attention even when we don’t realize it.

I tried to get in contact with my innerchild by reflecting back at my childhood  and at the events that shaped my character. 

This in turn gave me the motivation and energy to create this collection which highlights the importance of self awareness.

March 2021-December 2020



New Collection I'm working on focused on the thematic of 'REBUILD', all painted with my hands and with the use of new material like mother of pearl, copper powder, ducat gold powder and black modeling paste.

2020 Summer| acrylic paintings

2020| Quarantine Time

2020| Paintings like Jewels

A collection of paintings made for the  Botique of Jewels Giulio Veronesi in Bologna exhibited in January 2020 during Arte Fiera Bologna.
All of them are made from the artist with her hands without the use of brushes or spatulas and the material used to create the paintings resambles the world of jewelry design.

2019 | Acrylic Paintings

2018| acrylic pintings

2017| Watercolors painting on paper| Where everything started