Geraldina Khatchikian

Geraldina Khatchikian is an Italian and Armenian artist.
She has a curriculum of International studies from European Institute of Design (IED Milano) to Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York.
After a period spent in London she is currently working in Milan.
All her cavases are the result of an emotional journey that begins with a sensiorial approach, evolving throughout the pieces, and narrated through colors and brushstrokes. Each piece is layered and the plasticity in the colors resemblences goldsmith art. Exploring the core concept of the painting she endeavors to make it both tangible and simoultaneously indescribable. She loves using the mechanism of “Pareidolia” and its unconscious core, both in the making of the canvas and in the final result. It’s a psychologically honest chaos- exposed and open, inexplicable and overwhelming. Each painting begins with a question and creates a journey whose outcome is often unexpected, even for her.

"All my paintings revolve around the concept of leaving the nest of childhood only to face all what life has to offer and experience the rainbow of emotional sensations that comes with it.
To me painting is an emotional process that helps me to understand my thoughts and express the feelings that I'm not able to do in reality. Painting is a liberation, it's the best way to make my soul free. With colors I'm able to describe all of my emotions and the result is always chaotic because I try to give birth to every single thought and I try to find order and  harmony in the chaos.
All of this is expressed through mixed techniques with acrylic colors, oil pastels, spatulas, dripping and also with hands. Music has a very important role while I'm painting and I love to choose the right songs because my thoughts start immediately a conversation with the canvas which is a colorful and liberating dance.

I want viewers to observe my paintings and find in them something of personal interest, something that concerns their soul. I would like them to show empathy and try to find a deeper sense of themselves through the contact with my work."


From my Solo Exhibition "Emotional Processing"

In collaboration with Deposito Mele and the gallery Looking For Art Milano 2020